Goosebumps at the X-FI Audioshow

On September 30 and Oct 1st we organized a very special and successful demo at the XFI Audio show. What a positive atmosphere and musical vibes!

For the first time we had the astounding Zanden 9600 Mk2 mono tube amps driving the superb Magico S5 MkII speakers. Our demo room was completely filled all day with music lovers, audiophiles and press until the last song played, Paul Simon live in New York 2011, Sound of Silence..

The musical playback litterly brought many visitors to goose bumps and tears from emotion.

Please feel free to inquire for demo”s and further info via our dealer Chattelin Audio Systems phone …. mail

Many thanks to all visitors!

  • PlaceholderOur demo room at the X-FI show was filled all day long.
  • Mr. Yamada Mr Yamada, Founder of Zanden Audio
  • Mr. Yamada The Harmony Audio Import team with Peter Chattelin (left)