MODEL 9600mk2

Operating in pure class A (for 60 watts) it is a fully balanced push-pull design from input to output. It utilizes Zanden’s original direct coupled circuit. The output transformers are constructed with Finemet cores.

The Model 9600mk2 is Zanden’s flagship power amplifier. The Model 9600mk2 employs KR845 vacuum tubes.
As a result, it succeeds in securing both high power and tonal quality that has been difficult to achieve with vacuum tube amplifiers.

As befitting a flagship product, its casing is designed in an ingenious but highly attractive mixture of aluminum plate and highly polished stainless steel to impart a solid, distinctive presence. The Model 9600mk2 uses a fixed-bias, completely full-balanced push-pull circuit.

What’s more, it incorporates a fully tube rectified power supply circuit. You’ll find this product to be uncompromising in all respects of circuitry, design and assembly.