MODEL 1200mk3

The equalization section includes five unique equalization characteristics implemented with a fixed impedance LCR type circuit. The amplification stage employs Zanden’s original no negative feedback circuit. Absolute phase can be inverted via a switch on the front panel.

Many people believe that the recording curves of stereo LPs were unified in RIAA. However, as a result of a survey that Zanden conducted, we reached the conclusion that, TELDEC, EMI, COLUMBIA, and DECCA curves also exist in addition to RIAA and must be supported. Further, if the recording phase of stereo LPs takes the output phase of current stereo LP cartridges as its reference, then the existence of recordings with extremely numerous inverted phases also has been identified. These facts overturn the conventional wisdom about stereo LPs. Zanden’s Model 1200mk3 solves all of these issues. When played back by the correct equalization curve and phase, stereo LPs will present us with a wonderful and amazing world of music never experienced before.