Harmony Audio import was founded by Ben van Leliveld in 2017. With more than 25 years of experience with ultra-high-end audio systems in domestic and professional environments. Their passion for music and bringing to the market trustworthy high-end playback audio systems was one of the key reasons to establish Harmony.


It is our passion and ambition to introduce brands and products in the Benelux that make the difference.

Changing the ‘goose bumps’ into beautiful tears of emotion of being there. Right at the recording spot.
Audio playback that will bring us as close to the recorded event as possible.

Ultra-high-end audio is a luxury product with lots of positive emotions going with it. We understand the importance to speak and breath the brand values.


Harmony is striving for long and sustainable relationships with the manufacturers, selected dealers and other partners with a maximum dealer satisfactory rate!

Harmony as well as our selected dealers must make the difference by adding substantial value and satisfaction in the client relation.

We will do this by delivering outstanding product and services that comply with the high standards of our manufacturers.

We will continuously search Worldwide for key developments and new products that will raise the benchmark of audio playback.

International business experience, thorough audio knowledge and a transparent and honest straightforward attitude are fundamental.

Building long lasting relationships and being reliable and consistent. For a few mutually selected manufacturers and brands.

Our dealers will be trained and supported to work with all the products and equipment properly.
Advising their clients correctly and timely.


On regular basis we will organize special events to come even closer and getting better connected with the brands. Please follow our news section or Facebook page for updates.

  • Training and Education
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations
  • Factory Visits
  • After Sales Support